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Care instructions

Care instructions for wire wrapped jewelries.

• Do not drop, bend, untwist or try to take out the stones.
• Put your perfumes on BEFORE your put on your jewelry. There might be a reaction between the perfume chemicals and copper that might cause allergic rash on your skin.
• After you take your wire wrapped jewelry off, wipe it with a clean cloth and store it following the instructions below.
• Store your copper jewelry in a clean dry place away from direct sun exposure. Sun light can change the colour of your stones.
• Keep your wire jewelry away from the rest of the jewelries. Then the metal will stay shiny longer, there will not be scratches and the stones will not be damaged.
• Keep away from children.

Cleaning and polishing the jewelry:

• When the jewelry becomes dark or the surface is not shiny anymore • you can use the professional polishing pad which I have sent to you.
• Store the polishing pad in the plastic zip lock bag.
• Take the polishing pad only with clean and completely dry hands. You can put on latex gloves if you find the material of the pad unpleasant to touch.
• Do not make the polishing pad wet. Otherwise it will become sticky and you will not be able to use it anymore. 
• Be very careful when rubbing your wire wrapped jewelry with this polishing pad.
• Be extremely careful when polishing the copper beads. The wire that goes through the beads is very thin and can break very easily. Polish the beads slowly, trying not to move or spin them much.
• When you are satisfied with the look of your polished jewelry • take a tooth brush and some soap (I prefer the one that I use for cleaning the dishes).
• Start foaming the brush first. When there is enough foam • start cleaning the jewelry. Be very careful and do it slowly to not damage or untwist the thin wires.
• Wash the jewelry thoroughly using a warm water to remove all the soap.
• Use a paper towel to dry the jewelry out as much as you can.
• Take a hair drier (if you have one) and blow cold or warm air at the jewelry. NEVER blow hot air at your jewelry because the stone might crack from the heat.
• The chain I add to the pendant is not 100% copper. It is copper filled. Never use a polishing pad to make the chain brighter. Otherwise you will rub the copper off the chain. Use only tooth brush and soap to make it clean again.