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Wire wrapped jewelry tutorial «Layla»

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This is a tutorial on how to make wire wrapped pendant "Layla" using copper wires and cabochon without the hole. Here you will find detailed pictures and description.

This is a simple lesson for beginner crafters.

Knowledge requirements:

•basic wire wrapping and weaving techniques.

Tools and materials:

•one teardrop-shaped cabochon measuring 0.8” x 1.2” (20 x 30 mm.);

•a coil of 28 gauge copper wire (0.3 mm. in diameter);

•three pieces of 20 gauge copper wires, each 11” long (0.80 mm. in diameter, each 30 cm long);

•flat copper wire for the bail;

•flat nose pliers, wire cutters;

•ruler and pencil or marker pen (optional);

•fine file;

•large sewing needle;

•liver of sulfur, polishing creme;

•soap and some brush to clean the pendant from the polishing creme and dirt.