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How to make a Russian Filigree pendant

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Materials: .PDF file
Dimensions: 43 pages.

Russian Filigree is not something you can easily make after you have watched a few videos on Youtube. It requires a lot of specific knowledge.

This tutorial is a very detailed guide into making Russian filigree. It is for you only if you are ready and willing to bring your jewelry making to the next level. It requires a lot of tools and supplies, patience and a real desire to learn filigree making.

I've put all my knowledge into it, I explain every step I make, I give you tips and tricks that are very important for filigree making, explain why this and why not that.

I created this tutorial to help you make your first steps in filigree making and I really hope you will find this information useful. Self teaching filigree is not easy, but I did it and you can too. I believe in You!


Tools and supplies:

1 Filigree filler wire. Fine silver, 0.92 x 0.28 mm., dead soft.
-- Tutorial about how to make filigree wire
-- www.lacylove.com.ua/filigree_wire_tutorial
-- Buy this wire here
-- www.lacylove.com.ua/filigree_filler_wire

2 Flat frame wire. Sterling silver, 1.35 x 0.57 mm., dead soft.
-- Buy this wire here
-- www.lacylove.com.ua/wide_flat_frame_wire
-- You can also use a more narrow wire that I have as well.
-- www.lacylove.com.ua/narrow_flat_frame_wire

3 Silver granules. The instructions for how to make granules are on the page 37.

4 Silver solder in wire or sheet: hard, medium.

5 Silver solder in paste: easy.

6 Torch.

7 Soldering block - honeycomb or solderite block.

8 Soldering pick.

9 Magnifying glasses (optional).

10 Flux.

11 Pickle.

12 Paint brushes made from fine natural hair.

13 Tweezers:
---------- Small steel tweezers with a fine tip for shaping and placing filigree swirls.
---------- Holding reverse action tweezers to hold a jump ring for sweat soldering (optional).
---------- Steel or better titanium tweezers for quenching hot metal in water.
---------- Copper tweezers for picking up metal from pickle if you don’t have titanium tweezers (optional).

14 Round nose pliers.

15 Steel block.

16 Some glue or sticky tape

17 Razor blade.

18 Wooden hammer or leather hammer.

19 Wire cutters.

20 Needle files.

21 Sand paper.

22 Soft charcoal block for making granules.

23 Brass brush for making your filigree shine.