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Flat sterling silver filigree frame wire #2 -- Narrow

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Materials: 925 Sterling silver.
Dimensions: ± 0,99 x 0,56 mm, length - 1 ft (30 cm.).

If you would love to try yourself in making Russian filigree but you don't have a rolling mill - I am giving you a chance to get this flat frame wire that will work great with my filigree filler wire for making small pieces of jewelry like rings, earrings and pendants.

This is a traditional type of frame wire for Russian filigree made from sterling silver.

This specific frame wire works great when you make the whole frame completely from it or when you use it as the inner frame divider into smaller sections together with 18 ga (1 mm.) square wire.

This wire is annealed which means it is dead soft and very easy to shape.

It measures approximately 0,98 mm. wide and 0,56 mm. thick.

On the last picture you can see how the width of the filigree filler wire looks compared to the width of this narrow frame wire.

This is the price for 1 foot (30 centimeters) length.

I strive to make this wire as close as possible to the given above measurements in width and thickness, however, due to manufacturing tolerances at the mill, please allow for a ±2% variance when ordering.