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Traditional fine silver filigree filler wire

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Materials: 999 Fine silver.
Dimensions: ± 0,92 mm. x 0,26 mm., length - 19,5" (50 cm.)

If you would love to try yourself in making Russian filigree but you don't have a rolling mill - I am giving you a chance to get this filigree filler wire by making it for you.

This is a traditionally hand made flat twisted filigree wire made from fine 999 silver for making Russian Filigree jewelry.

This wire is annealed which means it is dead soft and very easy to shape.

It measures approximately 0.92 mm. wide and 0.26 mm. thick.

This wire is perfect for working with my Wide flat frame wire #1, Narrow flat frame wire #2 or 1 mm square wire. On the last two pictures you can see how this filigree wire looks together with the Wide Flat Wire and the Narrow Flat Wire.

This wire is sold in 50 centimeter (19.5") lengths. I make these wires in one batch when you order them. If you are going to make a big piece of jewelry like a cuff bracelet then you might need more wires. I advice you to order as much as you think you would need in one batch and then I will make them as similar to each other as possible so that there won't be any visible difference in the texture in your piece when you finish one coil of the wire and start working with another one.

I strive to make this wire as close as possible to the given above measurements in width and thickness, however, due to the fact that this wire is totally hand manufactured, please allow for a ±2% variance when ordering.