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Wire wrapped bracelet with natural Lapis Lazuli «Labby»

$ 135
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Materials: copper wires, copper beads, natural garnets, natural Lapis Lazuli stone

This wire wrapped bracelet was made from copper wires, copper and natural garnet stone beads and natural Lapis Lazuli stone.

The copper was hammered, the edges were filed to make them smooth, so that they don't hurt your skin or damage your clothes. This Lapis Lazuli bracelet was oxidized and hand polished to mirror reflection look. The copper was not covered by any lacquers, it is pure copper. I will send you a professional polishing pad to clean it when it becomes dark and make it shiny again.


The width of the bracelet is 1.2" (3 cm.). The diameter is 6 cm (See the picture how to measure the diameter of the bracelet).

The shape of the bracelet is oval, so that it perfectly fits on your wrist and the stone stays on the front side. The ends are not connected and it is possible to adjust it by making the ends closer to each other, to make the bracelet a bit smaller, for example.

The wire wrapped jewelry will be sent in a beautiful gift box. Inside the box you will find a professional polishing pad too.